Zyto Compass
Zyto Compass Scanning! Book your appointment to receive a product scan specific for your body. Yes--you heard right! Our bodies communicate in many ways. Our stomach tells us when we are hungry. We feel the pain of a bruise. The Zyto compass communicates with your body to see what your body desires at the moment.  
This scanning addresses 76 biomarkers in the body through the hand and shows which Young Living products your body desires to use. It is a helpful way to target the products most beneficial for you. Learn what Young Living products your body desires, start using them, and experience the results! Take the guesswork out of supplements and essential oils. This scan is fast and efficient. Zero in on what your body is in desiring in about 10 minutes!
The Zyto Compass provides state-of-the art technology. It is not a medical device and it does not use medical terms. Comments we have heard from customers have been, "Well, this really sounds like me!" and "Wow! This is so helpful!" Another customer said, "With this economy, I find it helpful to get a report like this."
Scans are available at home gatherings, wellness events, and expos. For more information, contact us by clicking here. There is a very helpful video that explains how the Zyto Compass works. Check it out at this link and click on the "Learn More" button. 
If you are intersted in purchasing a Zyto Compass for your own use or for your business, follow this link for purchasing information. Once you get to the Zyto page, scroll to the bottom for information on how to buy a Zyto Compass system. As always, we are here to answer any questions you have.
Do you want to know how the Zyto works? Check out these brochures.
techexp.pdf (PDF — 415 KB)
7questions.pdf (PDF — 118 KB)
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